What’s up tumblrers? How about that new Jake Bellows record?

hey fellas/ im digging your material. im saying that in a totally non-facetious, genuine way. even to the extent of liking you on facebook. i found yr bandcamp and was impressed with your recordings. quality shit, man. you guys tour/play often? how long you been together?

Hello morningwine. Somebody was supposed to be manning this space but the post has been abandoned hence the second most belated response of my life to date.

Thanks for the message. I’m stoked you liked our stuff.

Broken Buttons started in 2005 when I learned how to write songs as opposed to writing what I thought a song should be. From there it was a rotating cast of occasionally like-minded musicians. We played live and recorded mostly four track cassettes which we’d give away at gigs we’d play or attend.

The later days consisted of attempting to record and release an LP trilogy charting idealism through to acceptance; intended as a sort of incomplete guide to adulthood and death which was hindered by various obstacles and ultimately didn’t happen.

Today it’s pretty much a one man show, undergoing a shift in focus and a little renovation probably including a name change. I’m hoping to get something out this year.

Are you still making music?


I have listened to a criminal amount of Bill Callahan, all I need right now is a cowboy hat. 

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"I am, somehow, less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein’s brain than in the near certainty that people of equal talent have lived and died in cotton fields and sweatshops."

Stephen Jay Gould (via noleadersplease)
This is Broken Buttons turned 4 today.

This is Broken Buttons turned 4 today.


look at me


Seriously, call Kenny Loggins, cause you’re in the Dangerzone.


Seriously, call Kenny Loggins, cause you’re in the Dangerzone.

Shithawks don’t exist,

He’s just drunk.